Our Mission:


Anchor House will be more than just an apartment building. It will be a retreat, a safe place for young people transitioning out of foster care to call a temporary home. And it's only made possible through partnership. 

Anchor House is a partnership between faith-based and other organizations to meet the housing needs of emancipated foster youth.

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Our Mission

There are hundreds of young men and women between the ages of 14-18 who will be emancipated in Colorado over the next few years. They need a home. We’re going to build one.

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Our Partners

Lutheran Church of Hope has teamed up with Lutheran Family Services, Habitat for Humanity, Thrivent Financial, the City of Broomfield, and many other local community organizations. We're looking for even more great connections. Come be a part of changing a young person's life.


lutheran church of hope

Where it all begins. Committed to "sharing and transforming faith, hopes, and lives," Lutheran Church of Hope recognized a need for affordable housing in Broomfield and committed themselves to using adjacent land for this project.


city of broomfield

Making the project official. The City and County of Broomfield and the Broomfield Housing Authority officially gave their approval, and a $227,000 grant, for the Anchor House project in October 2018. They are the newest partners.

habitat for humanity

How the house gets built. Flatirons Habitat for Humanity serves  the Boulder Valley School District and the city and county of Broomfield in "building strength, stability and self-reliance AND shelter. " Habitat will lead the construction process.

lutheran family services

Helping foster youth. Lutheran Family Services Rocky Mountains  is one of the largest private foster care providers in the state, and has committed to working with Anchor House for the long term, recognizing the need for housing for emancipated foster youth.


thrivent financial

How we're fundraising. Thrivent is a financial services organization that has committed to finding new avenues to fundraise for the Anchor House project. Through Thrivent, we have raised over $200,000.


Our Impact



THOUSANDS OF Dollars Raised

We're on our way to achieving the $850,000 goal we need to get this project started.



community organizations involved

Lutheran Church of Hope, the City of Broomfield, Lutheran Family Services, Thrivent Financial, and Habitat for Humanity have committed to the Anchor House project. You can, too.



lives changed

The new housing complex will provide apartments for eight individuals.


october 2018

Anchor House is everything that's best about Broomfield.

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